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Is the iGulu F1 “Worth It”? | The 5 C’s

Is the iGulu F1 “Worth It”? | The 5 C’s

One of the most frequent reactions we get when people first see the iGulu F1 is an immediate calculation of whether or not the machine is worth it, when compared to buying local craft beers or brewing in larger batches. 

We’re here to break it down. 

Quick bites

  • Various independent research has shown that brewing beer at home is comparable to making coffee or cooking at home. In the long run, it’s still noticeably cheaper than buying craft beer from your local beer source.
  • The iGulu F1 unit offers convenience when considering multifaceted factors including traveling, time saved, and overall environmental impacts.
  • The development of the iGulu F1 was made alongside master brewers from across the world and then reviewed by multiple master brewers afterward, we listened to all their comments and concerns to bring you the most well-rounded machine on the market. 

Since the beginning of craft breweries around the country, there has been a significant uptick in prices and expectations from these breweries. It’s gotten to the point where one’s expected to pay much more for a craft beer than they are for a brand-name beer. Enjoying a great freshly brewed craft beer shouldn’t cost you upwards of $12. Not to mention, you wouldn’t always know what the brew will taste like until you’ve already put your lips on the glass.

Imagine gathering everyone at work to grab some beer at the end of your shift. You sit down in a rowdy craft beer bar and order their latest creation. Everyone’s excited as the beer is coming out, but then silence and winces are shared across everyone’s face after they have a first taste. The number of times our staff has had that experience alone warrants the creation of the iGulu F1. You can’t refund the beer, and you’re left with a horrible-tasting pint that you’re obligated to finish. 

Surprisingly, enjoying a good beer with friends and family doesn’t have to be such a painful experience. Here’s a breakdown of some key points when it comes to considering the iGulu F1 versus buying local or brewing in a larger batch.

  • Cost
  • If you’re calculating the price per glass, sure it might appear to be expensive up front, but it entirely depends on the quality of ingredients you put in. With the iGulu brew kits, you’re guaranteed to have the best ingredients available on the market, at a competitive price (even more so if you do a brew kit subscription). If we only wanted to boast about how cheap we could make a glass of beer cost, we could use the cheapest of ingredients to give you impressive numbers, but that’s not the point. The point you ask? The point is that at the level of quality ingredients you’re using, a typical glass of craft beer could cost significantly more at a local craft brewer. We’re talking about quality over quantity. 

    Stop wasting your money on 4-pack or 6-packs of custom beers from a local brewery you end up hating. All that money is wasted if it’s not being enjoyed by you.

    “But I can make a glass of beer much cheaper if I brew in larger batches”. True, but have you considered the amount of time it takes to brew a larger batch? Your brew could go wrong at any time. But even if it didn’t go wrong, we’re looking at around 2-4 weeks to brew beer. The iGulu F1 takes an average of 13 days while monitoring your brew to alert you of any abnormalities. It also logs the brew data in case you want to tweak anything for your next brew. The all-in-one system is also a small batch brew, which ensures you’ll have enough to enjoy if the brew goes well, but not much wasted if it doesn’t go as planned.

  • Convenience
  • What’s worse than wanting a beer but not having any at home? Having to change out of your pajamas, grab the keys, and go out to buy some. You’re then left with either the shameful selections at the local market or a mysterious brew that your local brewery just finished canning.

    Imagine the certainty you could have by having kegs of beer you’ve previously brewed, right at your fingertips, available at a moment’s notice. You can also rest easy knowing you didn’t possibly add more pollution to the air from your night drive for a beer run. Even more points for safety and responsibility if you plan on drinking the beer immediately at a brewery or bar.

  • Culture
  • Did you know that beer has been around since 3500-3100 BC? That’s a long-standing tradition with some form of beer brewing culture in all cultures. Even if the iGulu F1 is an all-in-one system and takes most of the guesswork out, partaking in such a rich culture would inevitably connect you to a piece of history. With the iGulu F1 being the first of its kind, you're not only going to be a part of history, but you’ll be a part of the future.

  • Customizability
    Don’t think for one second that you’re only limited to the brew kits that iGulu provides for you. While the brew kits we have are excellent, we encourage everyone to push the boundaries of the iGulu machine and explore new flavors and new uses. The brew kits are carefully crafted by our beer-loving dev team so that the most novice of brewers are still able to create a great-tasting beer, but our more experienced master brewing communities have already started making clones and tweaked clones of their favorites. 

  • Regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to create new unique brews worthy of praise and envy from your peers.

  • Community
  • Be a part of a larger community that shares the love for fermented beverages, the science behind the brewing process, or the simple appreciation of gathering friends and family together. Sharing a great brew is no longer limited to just local breweries and home brewers, you can now unleash your imagination and creativity, testing new recipes and sharing your signature brew with a supportive community of brewing enthusiasts.

    The iGulu F1 is a great conversation starter for when you have social functions. You might find that your neighbors share a similar liking for the beer you brew and be more neighborly just to try your next creation. 

    You’ll never have to worry about what to give as a gift either, because the best gift is one from the heart, and your signature brew bottled straight from the iGulu is hard to top. 

    So all things considered, is the iGulu F1 worth it? We think yes. 

    The pros to owning an all-in-one automated beer brewing system heavily outweigh the cons. And if all else fails, owning one is just outright fun! It’s almost like the feeling of bowling with the guardrails up. You could bowl the right way and never worry about the guardrails, or you could add your own flare but still hit a strike. 

    Have any questions or concerns that we didn’t cover? 

    Message our hardworking customer service team here!

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