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Amber Lager Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit
Amber Lager Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit Packaging
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Amber Lager Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit
Amber Lager Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit Packaging


Kit de ingredientes para elaborar cerveza Amber Lager

Mejore su elaboración casera con la mezcla de ingredientes iGulu Amber Lager. Elabore una cautivadora Amber Lager con un dulzor de malta equilibrado y un sutil amargor de lúpulo. Los extractos y la levadura de alta calidad seleccionados por expertos garantizan una experiencia de elaboración de cerveza gratificante. Libera al maestro cervecero que llevas dentro y saborea la satisfacción de una rica y sabrosa Amber Lager que es perfecta para compartir. Saludos a iGulu: ¡tu viaje hacia la perfección de Amber Lager!
Untitled (36 x 18 in) (36 x 36 in) (2).png__PID:37d20da8-6b56-4f23-8e5b-494f2ce7db23

CBW® Sparkling Amber DME
by Briess, USA

Natural Hops Bitter Extract-20
by Lesaffre, France

hops oil extract (500 x 500 px).png__PID:d4c0f946-6c2e-45ac-9339-0bb990b67f24

Natural Hops Aromatic Extract-Hersbruker
by Lesaffre, France

YEAST (500 x 500 px).png__PID:b936e6d3-1b41-4cbc-a210-2c4bac0989f4

Dry Lager Yeast 03
by Lesaffre, France


Amber Lager

A sessionable craft style with a caramel-like malt character complemented with a brilliant golden, copper color.

Explore some of the vital stats that make Amber Lager a harmonious blend of robust flavor, color, and a touch of bitterness. (Average Calculations)

Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
International Bittering Units (IBU)
Standard Reference Method (SRM)
Original Gravity (OG)

Celebrating Craft Amber Lager Beer:
Four Key Features

Rich, Malty Flavor.png__PID:24f409e7-97d6-467f-a7a5-ac15b25a63b2

Rich, Malty Flavor

Craft amber lager beer delights with its robust notes of caramel, toffee, and toasted bread, setting it apart with a satisfyingly rich taste

Deep Amber Hue.png__PID:c524f409-e797-4656-bfa7-a5ac15b25a63

Deep Amber Hue

The warm, inviting deep amber color of craft amber lager beer adds visual allure, achieved through the use of specialty malts, making it distinct on the shelf and in the glass.

Balanced Composition (2).png__PID:1941c524-f409-4797-9656-7fa7a5ac15b2

Balanced Composition

Artfully balancing malt-forward flavors with a clean, crisp finish, this beer offers a well-rounded drinking experience with the perfect sweetness and a smooth texture.

Subtle Hop Presence.png__PID:f409e797-d656-4fa7-a5ac-15b25a63b23f

Subtle Hop Presence

While malt takes center stage, a delicate bitterness from subtle hops adds depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

These distinct features combine to create a craft Amber L9ager beer that is both flavorful and visually appealing, making it a beloved choice among beer enthusiasts and a standout offering in the craft beer community.

From Farm to Table

We place a high value on selecting the finest ingredients for beer brewing, Partnering with the most reputable providers internationally. Our commitment to quality can be tasted in the delightful experience of each sip.

Natural Hops Aromatic Extract - Hersbruker. Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Hop oil, Net Vol. 0.067 fl oz

Manufactured by Lesaffre Et Compagnie, France.

Tradition Meets Technology

iGulu partners with Briess and Lesaffre, renowned for their exceptional malt extracts, dry yeast, and hops extracts. Briess, a malt industry leader since 1876, and Lesaffre, a company established in 1853 known for its top-quality yeast production, both align with iGulu's commitment to superior craft beer.

Amber Lager.png__PID:cfb88d36-86cc-4f66-b324-d16b0483e269

Amber Lager

Brewer's Notes:
Known for its rich, caramel malt-forward taste that combines a touch of sweetness with toasted notes. Its deep reddish-brown color evokes images of a golden sunset, making it visually appealing as well as delicious to savor. Pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables, white cheddar and fruit desserts.

One Scan Transforms
Ingredients into Craft Brews

Utilizing iGulu's innovative technology, the brewing process can be initiateed by a simple RFID card scan - An easy, user-friendly design perfect for home-brewing beginners.  
* Each iGulu brew kit comes with an exclusive RFID card