Classic Craftsmanship with Cutting-Edge Technology


    Brew it!

    Step 1

    Choose the type of beer you’d like to brew in our library, or customize your own settings if you’re a pro.

    Step 2

    Pour water into the Keg - 5 Liters per batch.

    Step 3

    Place ingredients on the different compartments of the brewing tray.

    Step 4

    Hit the brew button and iGulu does the rest. The automated mashing and wort cooling process can take up to 3 hours in the machine. The fermentation process will take 1-3 weeks depending on the recipe. This process only requires a stand-alone keg which can be monitored through our mobile app. During the fermentation process, the keg can be left in the machine or your refrigerator. You can brew multiple kegs at a time and let them ferment together.

    Step 5

    Dispense your beer fresh from the tap and take your very first sip!


    2017 Summer Feature – Honey Beer

    Craft and convenience were never supposed to conflict with each other in iGulu’s world. With all organic ingredients packed in one bag, iGulu makes your homebrew experience as smooth as brewing your coffee. Check your mailbox for the monthly supplies in types of beer you choose, or let iGulu pick for you as a surprise!