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How to Brew Hazy IPA with iGulu Automated Beer Brewer: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Brew Hazy IPA with iGulu Automated Beer Brewer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Indulge in the hazy and aromatic delight of a homemade Hazy Pale Ale, crafted with a blend of filtered water, malt extract, yeast, and Citra hops. This step-by-step recipe will guide you through the brewing process, ensuring a flavorful and refreshing outcome.

### Ingredients:

- 1 gallon filtered water

- 1 lb Briess Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)

- 1/3 packet Safale 04 dry yeast

- 1 oz Citra hops, pelletized

### Equipment:

- iGulu F1

- iGulu Fermentation Keg

- Mesh Hop Bag

- (Optional) Bottles or growlers for storage

- Star San (or similar)

### Instructions:

1. Sanitize:

Sanitize all items that will come in contact with the beer with Star San, One Step, or similar.

2. Add ingredients:

Fill the iGulu keg with filtered water up to the 116oz fill line. Then without stirring, add 1lb of Briess Light DME, 1/3 packet of Safale 04 dry yeast, and 1oz of Citra hops – in a sanitized mesh bag. Note: More hops can be added to your preferences.

3. Seal & Prep:

Ensure that the lid and tube attachments are properly sanitized, then seal the lid to the keg. Attach the locking ring and place the keg into the iGulu unit. Attach all fittings, to prepare for brewing.

4. Brew:

On the iGulu F1 unit, select the 2-step fermentation setting and tap on “Brew”.

You’re done! iGulu will start the process and complete in around 14 days.

5. Pour:

Before serving, turn off the CO2 gas lever on the back of the iGulu F1 unit and purge the iGulu keg to reduce foam when dispensing. Unclamp the dispensing tube and start your pour. Enjoy!

8. Bottle or Keg:

Check out our tutorial
on how to do a clean keg transfer if you wish to store or bottle your beer for enjoying later!

9. Enjoy:

Chill the hazy pale ale to your desired temperature and pour a pint to savor its tropical fruit, citrus, and hazy allure.

### Tips:

- Use a hop bag when adding the hops to facilitate easy removal.

- Dry hop with additional Citra hops for an even more pronounced hop flavor.

- Experiment with various yeast strains to create unique flavor profiles.

### Conclusion:

Brewing a Hazy Pale Ale can be a rewarding experience, filled with delicious aromas and refreshing flavors. By following this structured recipe, you can craft a delightful hazy beer that will impress your taste buds and make you the envy of any homebrew enthusiast. Happy brewing and thank you to our user Jeff Conrad for this awesome recipe!

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