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How to Brew Kombucha with iGulu F1 Automated Home Brewer: Easy Steps for Home Made Ginger Honey Kombucha

How to Brew Kombucha with iGulu F1 Automated Home Brewer: Easy Steps for Home Made Ginger Honey Kombucha

Welcome to the world of home fermentation with iGulu! In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of brewing your own delicious kombucha using the iGulu Automated Beer Brewer. Discover how simple and rewarding it is to create your own probiotic-rich beverage at home.

Ingredients and Equipment:

a gallon of clean water, black tea (such as PG Tips), cane sugar, and a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).
Ensure you have the necessary equipment, including the iGulu Automated Beer Brewer, Triton keg vessel, pressure relief valve, and a floating dip tube (optional but recommended for flavor infusion).

Brewing Process:

Boil the gallon of water and steep eight tea bags for 10-15 minutes to make black tea. Let it cool to room temperature.
Transfer the cooled black tea to the Triton keg vessel and mix in one cup of cane sugar until fully dissolved.
Open the package containing your scoby and pitch it directly into the Triton keg vessel.
Secure the lid of the Triton keg, ensuring the pressure relief valve is open for initial fermentation.
Set the fermentation temperature on the iGulu to around 68-69°F and ferment for approximately 10 days.

Secondary Fermentation (Optional):

If desired, enhance the flavor of your kombucha with secondary fermentation.
For a lemon ginger variation, juice four lemons, finely chop a tablespoon of ginger, and add four tablespoons of honey to the fermented kombucha.
Remove the scoby from the Triton keg and add the lemon, ginger, and honey mixture. Close the pressure relief valve and ferment for an additional 5-10 days at 68°F.

Tasting and Serving:

After fermentation, taste the kombucha to assess flavor and sweetness. Adjust as desired.
Refrigerate the scoby in a container with some liquid for future use.
Serve the kombucha chilled, using CO2 mode to preserve carbonation or air pump mode for a still version.

Congratulations! You've successfully brewed your own batch of kombucha with the iGulu Automated Beer Brewer. Experiment with different flavors and enjoy the health benefits of this probiotic beverage.

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Check out Brian's video for more detail step by step instruction: 

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