Technical Page - How F1 Works

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Embrace the Future of Smart Brewing

The fully automated all-in-one brewing system that integrates fermentation, cooling and dual-pneumatic engine dispensing.

The 3 Technological Pillars

The ingenious combination of intelligent fermentation, compressor cooling and protection safeguards in a single unit showcases our ingenuity to the art of craft brewing.

Intelligent Fermentation System

The integration of software and hardware, in conjunction with an innovation fermentation system and sensors, affords constant monitoring of temperature and pressure. In response to fluctuations in ambient temperature, the intelligent system adjusts the fermentation temperature, ensuring the best quality beverage possible.

Rapid Cooling Technology

Our innovative ice chamber cooling technology, combined with a DC compressor, allows for a wide range cooling adjustment from 35.6˚F to 53.6˚F (2˚C - 12˚C), and thereby provides a short time duration from room temperature to 35.6˚F. More importantly the F1 can add C02 to the brewing mixture, in turn ensuring the freshest, best tasting beer, which can remain fresh up to two weeks after opening.

Pressure Sensors & Protection

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, intelligent pressure sensor modules and a triple-pressure protection setup serve as a comprehensive safeguarding system, thereby ensuring a stable, controlled brewing process. This innovative protection system guarantees each serving of beer is invariably enjoyable and full of robust flavor.

Parts and Functionality

Explore how and why each engineered component is vital to the brewing process and production of amazing craft beer.

Pressurized Gas Connector

The Pressurized Gas Connector, when connected to the Pressurized Gas Inlet, allows pressurization of the keg or fermentation tank, which in turn allows seamless dispensing.

AT Dispensing Coupler

The AT Dispensing Coupler incorporates a single dispensing outlet, and is compatible with internally pressurized keg designs, similar to the Heineken (5L) mini keg.

AS Dispensing Coupler

The AS Dispensing Coupler incorporates both a dispensing outlet and a gas pressurization inlet, both which assists to refill the keg or tank and apply either CO2 or air pressure to assist dispensing.

Keg Dispensing Tube

The Keg Dispensing Tube, when connected to the Keg Dispensing Outlet, allows beer to flow from the keg or fermentation tank.

Keg Pressurized Gas Inlet

When connected to the Pressurized Gas Connector, proper pressurization is distributed to either keg or fermentation tank, allowing easy dispensing.

Keg Dispensing Outlet

The Keg Dispensing Outlet, allows beer to flow from the keg or fermentation tank when properly connected to the Keg Dispensing Tube.

Keg Lid & Extraction Tube

Creates an airtight seal of fermentation tank while also assisting with the extraction of beverage contents from inside the fermentation tank.

Operation Modes

A brief explanation of the operation modes of the F1 - A Fully Automated All-In-One Brewing System

The fermentation system and sensors monitor temperature and pressure, which ensures the conversion of active brewing ingredients into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.
Select the type of brew you're going to enjoy, and your F1 home brewer will automatically chill your beverage to the perfect serving temperature.
To add CO2 carbonation to the tank, scroll to and press the "Toolkits" button. Next, press the CO2 button followed by the "Long Press" (CO2) button. Continue to press the button until 20 psi is reached. This will produce adequate carbonation for dispensing.
Some keg designs, such as the Heineken 5L mini keg, have a built in gas cannister within the tank, for providing in-tank pressure to aid dispensing. These types of kegs should only have a single dispensing port/outlet on top, and they do not require pressure boost from your F1.
Pressurizing your tank using your F1's internal air pump. Unlike pressuring the tank with CO2 gas, you will never need to refill while using the air pump. However, the beverage inside your keg or tank may become oxidized overtime and loses freshness. We recommend you to finish your beverage on the same day when you're using the air pump mode.

Initial Setup and Brew

A quick setup guide and brew with iGulu's ingredient kit