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About the Brewing Machine

Whats the average brewing & cooling time?

On average, it takes 7 days for beer to complete its brewing process. Afterward, The cool down time is at least 4 hours (Due to the fluctuating ambient temperatures, the duration required for cooling may be extended)

Whats included in the package?
  • F1 Machine
  • 5L BPA-free Fermentation Tank
  • Detachable wine nozzle
  • Disposable Wine Tube
  • Silicone Wine Pad
  • CO2 Air Pump
Can I use F1 as a cooling beer disposer only?

Yes. Your local market offers a diverse range of 5L barrel brands that are compatible with the F1, allowing you to transform it into the ultimate beer dispenser for cooling whenever you wish.

How long can I store the beer in F1 after brewing process is done?
Hows the beer quality compare to a commercial brewery?
What kind of drinks can I brew with F1?

over 100 diverse beer styles, plus variety of fermented drinks like Kombucha, Cider, Wine, Tea and more

Where can I download the APP?

The App will be available on Android App Store and iOS App Store

Why doesn't my F1 package come with a CO2 Gas Cylinder Tank?

Due to the difficulty and associated costs with shipping gas items, we've elected to exclude the C02 tank from the F1 package. The CO2 Gas Cylinder Tank can however be purchased as an optional item.In the interim, the airpump functionality can effectively dispense your choice beverage.

About the Brew Kits

What is the specific gravity yield of your Dry Malt Extracts?

All of our dry malt extracts yield approximately 1.045 gravity points per pound of malt per gallon of water. For Example: if you used 5lbs of extract in a 5 gallon batch it will yield a 1.045 specific gravity (SG). Another way to think of it is that for each pound of dry malt extract someone adds to their recipe they are adding 9 pts of gravity. In a 5 gallon batch: 5 lbs - 1.045 6 lbs - 1.054 7 lbs - 1.063 8 lbs -1.072 9 lbs - 1.081 10lbs - 1.090

What is CBW Extracts?

CBW stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort, which is exactly what these brewer’s grade, pure malt extracts are—concentrates of brewers wort. CBW malt extracts are produced in a 500-bbl state-of-the-art brewhouse, the second largest in Wisconsin. After lautering, the wort is gently vacuum evaporated to maintain its rich, full flavor and lessen color development. We use a multiple step infusion brewing process for high fermentability and FAN, which is critical for brewing.

Where are the ingredient made in?

Our Malt Extracts are all Cultivated and Processed in US.

Other ingredients including hops essentials, yeast etc. are imported from the UK or France, where they thrive in ideal weather conditions. Those ingredients are carefully packed in ideal volume in China and then imported to US.

What are the benefit of CBW Extracts?

CBW malt extracts are unhopped and nondiastatic for flexible, creative brewing. Or realize these benefits of supplementing all-grain brews with CBW® pure malt extracts:

  • Increase capacity and boosting productivity
  • Boost gravity
  • Improve body and head retention
  • Propagate yeast
  • Minor flavor adjustment
  • Adjust color
  • Adjust flavor
Do you have more technical information of the DMEs?

Click to ready technical information from the malt factory:




How does the subscription works?


Whats iGulu's return policy?

We will be happy to exchange/refund your Brewer if it doesnt meet your expectations within 30 days of purchase.

We can only return un-opened brew kit within 15 days of purchase.

for more questions, please click on CONTACT US

How long will it take to receive my brewer?

We ship all items from our warehouse based in California, It normally takes 1-2 business days handling time and 1-5 business days shipping time depends on your location.

Whats the warranty on the F1 Brewer?

iGulu offers a one year limited warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty will cover all issues caused by manufacture defect.

Please contact us with a photo or video and description of your problem and our warranty team will happily work with you on a solution.

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