The iGulu Warranty

What's covered

All iGulu Automated Home Brewers come with a hassle-free warranty. This includes repair or replacement and ongoing support of your machine. Additionally, you can register for warranty HERE If an iGulu brewer is used in the way it's intended and it breaks down within the warranty period, it's our responsibility to repair or replace it, and we do so at no charge to you.

3-Year Warranty

  • Compressor
  • Fans and heaters

1-Year Warranty

  • Fermentation keg
  • Power adapter and cables
  • Brewer lid 
  • Tap handle

What's not covered

There are, however, some circumstances in which a iGulu warranty doesn't cover the repair or replacement of a machine. These aren't hidden in the small print. 

iGulu is proud to provide all warrantied repairs, including all labor and parts necessary to ensure your brewer is in proper operating condition, during the warranty period. However, any damages, costs, or repairs incurred as a result of, due to, or from self-repair, mis-conduct in use will not be covered under this warranty. All the consumping parts like AT/AS dispensing coupler, dispensing tubes, spout, drip tray will not be covered under this warranty.