Pale Ale Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit

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Size: 1-Pack
Pale Ale, known for its light color and hop-forward flavor profile, is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts. It showcases a clear, golden appearance and a crisp texture, offering a balanced combination of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Pale Ale represents the craftsmanship of historic brewing traditions, and remains a popular contemporary style. With notes of citrus, pine, and floral aromas, the iGulu Pale Ale Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit is sure to produce a refreshing and aromatic offering you will enjoy.

1. CBW® PALE ALE DME: malted barley, water. CONTAINS BARLEY. MAY CONTAIN WHEAT, MILK. Net Wt. 1 lb (453.6 g)

2. PRIMING SUGAR: Glucose. Intended for use as a Home Brewing Ingredient. Net Wt. 1 oz (28.35 g),

3. DRY BREWING YEAST 01: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiæ ), emulsifier: sorbitan monostearate.
Sprinkle into wort. Net Wt. 0.07 oz (2 g)

4. NATURAL HOPS AROMATIC EXTRACT-Mosaic: Hop oil, Hop polyphenol. Sprinkle into wort or beer. Net Wt. 0.07 oz(2 g)

5. NATURAL HOPS BITTER EXTRACT- 25: Water, Hop extract Sprinkle into wort or beer. Net Vol. 0.067 fl oz (2 ml)


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OG (Original Gravity):11~11.5°BX
ABV (Alcohol by Volume):4.8~5.2 %vol
IBU (International Bitterness Units): 18~22

Size: 1-Pack


A contemporary, popular style with golden color and abundant with floral, citrus-like and resinous piney flavors.

Brewer's Notes

Pale Ale

Features a golden to amber color with a medium-bodied profile. Pale ales typically have a prominent hop character, imparting floral, citrusy, or piney notes when enjoyed.

Offering a harmonious balance between malt and hops, its bitterness helps to cleanse the palate and enhance the flavors of food, thereby creating a more enjoyable dining experience.

Pairs well with roasted or grilled meats, mild or medium cheddar and apple pie.

From Farm to Table

Sourcing the best quality beer brewing ingredients is important to us. Therefore, our dedication can be experienced and enjoyed with every sip.


iGulu source our ingredient, make sure we have most reliable farm and processed finest quality consistantly.

Crafted with handpicked organic hop flowers, iGulu takes great care in selecting and processing their hops to guarantee top-notch hop extracts. Our premium raw hops extract oil is sourced from BarthHass, a renowned and longstanding name in the hops production industry. The outcome is a brew that combines delightful bitterness with captivating aromas, creating an unparalleled drinking sensation.
This is a 100% pure malt barley extract made from 100% Pale Ale Malt and water. It can be used in the production of all extract beer styles and to adjust the color, flavor, and gravity of all-grain beers. 6 SRM 75% FERMENTABILITY
Contains less than 7% water and undergoes stringent quality standards to prevent microbial contamination. With the help of dry yeast, brewers can ensure consistent fermentation and add rich flavors to their beers

Tradition Meets Technology

iGulu proudly partners with Briess, a malt extract supplier with over 140 years of experience in crafting the industry's finest malts and brewing ingredients. With a rich tradition that began in 1876 and active involvement from the fourth and fifth generations of the Briess family, their commitment to quality and innovation perfectly aligns with iGulu's dedication to creating exceptional craft brewing ingredients that can be experienced and enjoyed.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pale Ale Brew Kit

Please read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

What is the specific gravity yield of your Dry Malt Extracts?

All of our dry malt extracts yield approximately 1.045 gravity points per pound of malt per gallon of water. For Example: if you used 5lbs of extract in a 5 gallon batch it will yield a 1.045 specific gravity (SG). Another way to think of it is that for each pound of dry malt extract someone adds to their recipe they are adding 9 pts of gravity. In a 5 gallon batch: 5 lbs - 1.045 6 lbs - 1.054 7 lbs - 1.063 8 lbs -1.072 9 lbs - 1.081 10lbs - 1.090

What is CBW Extracts?

CBW stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort, which is exactly what these brewer’s grade, pure malt extracts are—concentrates of brewers wort. CBW malt extracts are produced in a 500-bbl state-of-the-art brewhouse, the second largest in Wisconsin. After lautering, the wort is gently vacuum evaporated to maintain its rich, full flavor and lessen color development. We use a multiple step infusion brewing process for high fermentability and FAN, which is critical for brewing.

Where are the ingredient made in?

Our Malt Extract is Cultivated and Processed in the USA, while other ingredients are carefully imported from the UK or France, where they thrive in ideal weather conditions.

What are the benefit of CBW Extracts?

CBW malt extracts are unhopped and nondiastatic for flexible, creative brewing. Or realize these benefits of supplementing all-grain brews with CBW® pure malt extracts:

  • Increase capacity and boosting productivity
  • Boost gravity
  • Improve body and head retention
  • Propagate yeast
  • Minor flavor adjustment
  • Adjust color
  • Adjust flavor
Do you have technical information of the CBW® PALE ALE DME

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