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How to Brew: Mike’s “Stupid Simple” Hard Cider

How to Brew: Mike’s “Stupid Simple” Hard Cider

This article will guide you through the exciting process of creating your own delicious hard cider using the iGulu F1 all-in-one brewing system. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, the iGulu F1 makes home brewing accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts of all levels. Summer is just around the corner, and enjoying a good Hard Cider is a must!

Follow us through Mike’s “Stupid Simple” Hard Cider and make yours today, using your iGulu F1.


- Cider Yeast with high attenuation or high flocculation if you want a clearer cider

Recommended Yeasts:
- SafCider AB-1, AS-2, AC-4, TF-6
- Mangrove jack's Cider Yeast M02
- Scottish Cider Yeast Blend WLP773
- English Cider Yeast WLP775

- 100% Apple Juice, not from concentrate
(Avoid Apple Juice with Potassium Sorbate and/or Sodium Benzoate)

- ¼ oz of Citra Hops

Expected ABV 7%


  1. Sanitize all items that will come in contact with your cider brew, with StarSan, OneStep, or similar.
  2. Pour 1 gallon (up to Max line) of 100% apple juice into clean, sanitized iGulu Keg
  3. Pour in Citra Hops
  4. Pour in ¼ to ½ bag of your choice of Cider Yeast
  5. Seal keg lid and attach locking ring.
  6. Set keg into iGulu and connect both CO2/air hose as well as the clamped dispensing tube.
  7. Select Ale 2 Stages via on-board iGulu brew profiles or select your own custom parameters via iGulu App. Note: Custom brew schedule of 8-9 days at 74°F (Check Cider Yeast packaging for optimal temperatures and adjust if needed)
  8. Tap Brew and you're done! iGulu will start the process and complete in about 8 to 9 days.

Dispensing Day:

If your hard cider comes out dry (no sweetness) and sour, you can mix in some extra original 100% apple juice to boost the sweetness.

Thank you, Mike, from Bitter Reality Brewing for such an awesome recipe! Check out this video and others here:

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