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How to Brew: Pseudo Lager v1.1

How to Brew: Pseudo Lager v1.1

We challenged Brian from Benham Brewing to push the bounds of using his iGulu F1 and find new and exciting ways of how the all-in-one counter top home brewery machine could be used. His most recent find, was "How to brew a Pseudo Lager".

We've created a recipe along with his recommended adjustments after the brew. Follow along and try it out yourself!


* 1.5 gallon of fresh spring water (or filtered tap water)
* 1 lb 7.5 oz light pilsen DME (dried malt extract)
* 2.6 oz rice solids (powdered version or liquid rice solids)
* 0.4 oz Hallertau Hops (60-minute hop addition)
* Lutra Kveik yeast (overpitched to minimize flavor imparted)
* 1.21 oz dried malt extract


1. Fill Tritan keg with 1 gallon of fresh spring water. If using tap water, make sure it is filtered to remove chlorine.
2. Add Lutra Kveik yeast to the water. Overpitch to ensure it is extra clean (use approximately half a pack instead of a third). Seal up Tritan keg and set aside while yeast rehydrates.
3. Meanwhile, in a pot, bring 6 cups of the same spring water to a boil.
4. Add 1.21 oz dried malt extract to the boiling water and stir until mixed in.
5. Add 0.4 oz Hallertau hops (60-minute hop addition) to the boiling water.
6. Boil for 1.5 hours.
7. Pour the hop tea into a heat-safe container and let it cool to approximately 180° (it does not have to be super cool).
8. While allowing the hop tea to cool, get the Tritan keg and add in the pre-measured dried malt extracts for both rice and pilsner.
9. Once the hop tea has cooled, add it to the Tritan keg.
10. Seal the Tritan keg and lightly stir to mix all the ingredients.
11. Ferment at 100°F for 3-4 days.
12. Once primary fermentation is complete, crash the temperature to around 35°F for about 7 days.

13. Note: your initial pour will be at 30 PSI and will have a lot of foam.
14. Enjoy your pseudo lager!


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