Fully Automatic Commercial Brewing System


Revolutionizing Brewing with Intelligent Technology

Passionate about beer and the brewing process, the iGulu team has taken their knowledge and experience with small home brewing equipment and commercial brewing equipment to create their own business. Their mission with iGulu is to make brewing more accessible and professional, allowing enthusiasts and brewers to focus on the craft itself while incorporating technology to enhance the brewing experience.

Now, introducing the new N series, iGulu has further simplified and streamlined the brewing process for homebrewing enthusiasts and brewers. The N series includes a comprehensive round saccharification pot, fermentation unit, power distribution cabinet, and refrigeration unit. Notably, it features a single-pot saccharification set that combines boiling and mixing of raw materials in one pot. Unlike its predecessor, the M series, the N series utilizes dry powder or maltose syrup in the saccharification pot. This reduces saccharification and filtration time and simplifies operation steps. What's more, the N series incorporates two sets of cleaning solutions, enabling self-cleaning during fermentation.

Even with limited funds, you can now pursue the ultimate brewing experience and create a wide variety of flavors with the help of the N series brewing equipment. As the N series continues to evolve, it will continue expanding the possibilities of flavors in your recipes.

Simplifying Brewing with Innovation

Revolutionizing the Brewing Experience

Simplifying the brewing process, allowing users to download recipes, select them, and start brewing with ease. BrewOS also monitors the brewing process in real time and uploads data to the cloud, enabling statistical analysis and assisting with scheduling and standardization.

Advanced Recipe Support

Supports self-built recipes, cloud recipes, and built-in system recipes for starting the automation process. This saves time on filtering and shortens saccharification time.

Automated Brewing with High-Precision Sensor Technology

Utilizes high-precision sensors to automatically detect data throughout the entire process, including temperature and liquid level control during saccharification and fermentation. The self-developed control system, based on ARM+Stm32, reduces costs and provides stronger processing capabilities compared to PLC control.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring & Recording

Offers intelligent remote monitoring and recording, with features such as error alarm reminders, brewing report recordings, and historical inquiries. Process control parameters can be adjusted; allowing for customization of boiling temperature, intensity, and more.


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Length:750 CM

Width:250 CM

Height:800 CM (without monitor height)

Power Supply:380V / 50A


Diameter: 800CM

Height:1400 CM

Design volume: 180L

Effective Volume:120L

Length: 900 CM

Width: 900 CM

Height:1800 CM

Designed Volume: 310L

Effective volume: 240L

Length: 750 CM

Width: 750 CM

Height:1800 CM



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Report generation of complete brewing record for a single batch


Manual function open simulation online test


  • Raw Material Storage & Usage Management,
  • Online training
  • Brewing Big Data
  • Online Service


similar to Apple app store’s profit distribution method, brewers can share commission after the recipes they upload are used.

Behind iGulu's Commercial Brewing System