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iGulu First Showcase in the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair

iGulu First Showcase in the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair

The Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA 2023) is in full swing at the Berlin Exhibition Center.

In this globally acclaimed tech event, the Chinese brand brand-new product, the iGulu F1 Smart Capsule Beer Brewing Machine, dazzling the audience. iGulu's new home brewing machine has broken through the limitations of traditional beer brewing equipment by incorporating smart technology, allowing users to easily enjoy the fun of home beer brewing.

Technology Awakens Culinary Experiences, Anything is Possible

Today, with a younger consumer base, beer has become an increasingly popular way to enjoy at-home entertainment and leisure activities. From personal sips to large gatherings, beer is a ubiquitous presence.

However, most of the beer people have been drinking is industrial beer primarily made from rice, often packaged in bottles or cans. Craft beers are rarely accessible, and the occasional glass is usually brewed by someone else.

To meet the demand for home brewing and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of brewing their own beer, the iGulu team has dedicated itself to developing a small-scale home beer brewing machine, introducing the new generation iGulu F1 Smart Capsule Beer Brewing Machine. This beer machine combines fermentation, cooling, and tapping in one, redefining home brewing in a smart way and potentially offering users unprecedented convenience and innovative experiences, leading the trend in home brewing.

Reportedly, the design concept of iGulu F1 is to combine the intricate beer brewing process with modern technology, allowing users to conveniently and quickly enjoy fresh homemade beer. Its intelligent features not only enable efficient brewing but also automatically adjust parameters according to users' different needs, greatly enhancing beer's flavor stability.

In terms of design, iGulu F1 features a unique capsule-shaped design, taking up minimal space and coming in three colors: black, white, and green, offering a minimalist aesthetic that can blend with various home styles. Additionally, it incorporates ergonomic principles, making the brewing process even more convenient.

In terms of functionality, iGulu F1 offers a diverse range of experiences. In addition to traditional beer brewing capabilities, it also has cooling (including preservation) and tapping functions. Users can store fresh beer inside the machine, ensuring freshness and the enjoyment of chilled beer at any time. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with an efficient tapping system, allowing users to easily enjoy beer with rich foam and a smooth texture.

iGulu F1's intelligent features also extend to seamless connectivity with mobile devices. Users can control the device remotely through a mobile app, monitor the beer brewing process in real-time, and have control over the brewing progress no matter where they are. Additionally, the app provides various beer brewing recipes for users to choose from, making it easy to explore different beer flavors and savor a diverse beer experience.

For years, iGulu has adhered to the development philosophy of "Imagine Limitless Possibilities, Brew Without Limits," focusing on the field of micro-intelligent beer brewing and research. As a new type of smart home appliance that combines functionality and design, the introduction of iGulu F1 undoubtedly brings new changes to the home brewing industry, redefining the form of home brewing. It not only simplifies the complex beer brewing process but also integrates technology with beer culture, allowing more people to appreciate the joy and charm of home brewing.

It is reported that in November, iGulu F1 will officially enter the global market! Beer enthusiasts will have more reasons to gather together, share delicious beer, and enjoy happy moments. Whether tasting homemade beer with family and friends or hosting small beer tasting events, iGulu F1 will provide consumers with unprecedented experiences, becoming a new highlight in home gatherings, social activities, and leisure entertainment. In the future, iGulu F1 is expected to make a brilliant contribution to the field of intelligent brewing, adding a unique touch to home life.
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