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How to Brew Apple Hard Cider with the iGulu F1 Automated Home Brewer: Easy Steps for Home Made Hard Apple Cider

How to Brew Apple Hard Cider with the iGulu F1 Automated Home Brewer: Easy Steps for Home Made Hard Apple Cider

Apple cider has a cherished place in the world of fermented beverages, and with the iGulu F1, the process of brewing your own hard cider at home is just easy steps. Follow this guide to turn fresh local apple juice into a delightful hard cider, tailored to your taste with the option of adding flavorful hops.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

To start your cider brewing adventure, you'll need the following:

  • Local apple juice or cider (ensure it's 100% pure juice without additives)
  • Yeast (recommended: Mangrove Jack cider yeast or a beer yeast suitable for cider)
  • Optional: Hops (such as Citra hops) for additional flavoring
  • Optional: Hydrometer to measure the original gravity and potential alcohol content

Step 2: Prepare Your Equipment

Ensure the fermentation keg comes with your iGulu F1 home brewer is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent any unwanted bacteria from influencing your brew. We recommand you to use star stan for the best result.

Step 3: Select Your Yeast and Additives

Based on your personal preference for sweetness and clarity:

  • Dry Cider: Use high attenuation yeast.
  • Clear Cider: Choose a yeast with high flocculation properties.

For flavor enhancement, hops like Citra can be added for its fruity and citrusy notes.

Step 4: Mix Your Ingredients

Pour the apple juice into the fermentation keg of your iGulu F1 at max. capacity( 1 gallon) .  If you are adding hops, do so now. Then, introduce the yeast by either sprinkling it directly on top or rehydrating it first.

Step 5: Start Fermentation

Secure the lid of the iGulu F1, place the airlock, and set your desired fermentation temperature. You can select the " Ale-2 Stage" pre-set brewing process on iGulu F1's touch screen menu and simply touch to brew!

Alternatively, If you have your own reciepe would like to apply to the brew, you can upgrade your brewer to premium mode and manually set your desired fermentation temperature and time length. In this case and for most cider yeasts, aim for the optimal temperature range of 68-74°F (20-23°C). temperature range of 68-74°F (20-23°C) for 4-5 days. 

Step 6: Monitor Fermentation

Regularly observe the progress of your cider's fermentation. A hydrometer is useful for checking the gravity changes, which indicate fermentation activity and alcohol content.

Step 7: Cold Crash (Optional)

After fermentation, you may opt to cold crash to achieve a clearer cider. Select the Cooling mode on F1 touch screen menu and set it to be 36°F, Next, Lets cheers to your new brew! 🍏🍻

The premium mode of iGulu F1 allows experiment with different yeasts, hops, or techniques to create a unique cider. Whether its a crisp, dry cider or a sweet, comforting brew, hot or cold, the iGulu F1 automated home brewer ensures the progress is safe and easy, Check out iGulu F1 Automated Home Brewer!

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See Mike Frericks( Bitter Reality Brewing)' video guide on how to brew apple hard cider with iGulu automated home brewer: 

Recommended Yeasts from Mike's video - - Will make a very dry cider - This will leave some residual sweetness and add a bit of complexity to your cider - Very balanced cider - Enhance the fruit flavors of the cider - Very dry cider

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