Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - front
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - side
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - top view
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - front button
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - pouring
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Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - in a setting
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Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - front
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - side
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - top view
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - front button
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - pouring
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - side angle
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - lever
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - parts
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - in a setting
Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - people enjoying

Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White



Elevate your home brewing game with the iGulu F1, a cutting-edge 5L brewing machine that redefines the craft of home brewing. From hop-forward IPAs to rich, robust stouts and refreshing fruit-infused brews, this compact machine seamlessly facilitates and guides you through the entire brewing process. Designed for beer enthusiasts and master brewers alike, it's your key to unlocking endless brewing possibilities, all with the convenience and satisfaction of crafting your own high-quality beers right at home.

For a limited time, Master Mode is free at the point of purchase ($100 Value) and can be activated with the iGulu mobile app. Master Mode enables the freedom to brew using your own recipe, ingredients and brewing process. 

Model F1

Experience the Craft & Pride of brewing your own beer from home

After 7-years of research and product development, iGulu Home Brewing Machine brings commercial grade brewing right to your countertop. With the F1, easily explore and brew infinite styles of beer, which can be customized based on your own recipe, ingredients and personal preference.



Brewing with a Simple Click

Simply add your preferred brew kit ingredients and filtered water into the fermentation tank, scan the RFID sticker with the unit and initiate the brewing process with a single click on the LCD control screen. It's really that simple.


Craft Your Unique Signature Brew

As an advanced brew master, the iGulu F1 Brewing Machine affords the freedom to fully customize the brewing process to produce the craft beverage you desire.

Selecting and using your own ingredients while having complete adjustment control over temperature, pressure and duration is what makes the F1 a great all-in-one brewing solution. Explore infinite brewing possibilities with seamless functionality while in the comfort of your own home.

The Future of Smart Brewing is Here

The iGulu F1 Home Brewing Machine is a testament to groundbreaking innovation in smart brewing equipment. With the ingenious combination of intelligent fermentation, chilling and dispensing, the F1 is the tool to take your brewing journey to unprecedented heights.

Home Brewing Machine - Creamy White by igulu - side

Status Indicator Light Bar

The F1's light changes color according to the brewing status, indicating each operational state.

LED Smart Control

Intuitive interactive touchscreen with easy to read interface, making it easy to follow each step of the brewing process.

RFID Sensor

Scan the brew kit RFID sticker with the machine by placing it upon the "G" in iGulu. In turn, the machine automates and customizes the brewing process.

DC Compressor

Allows for wide temperature range adjustment from 35.6˚F to 53.6˚F (2˚C - 12˚C), ensuring the enjoyment of fresh tasking beer in the shortest time.

Brewing Sensor Module

The smart module enables precise control over temperature and pressure.

CO2 Gas Cylinder Tank*

As an optional item, it seamlessly assists with the dispensing of your choice beverage from the F1 Brewing Machine while also preserving freshness (up to 1 month). *Does not come with F1 package.

Intelligent Heating System

In response to fluctuations in ambient temperatures, the intelligent heating system adjusts fermentation temperature and, in conjunction with the pressure sensor modules, ensures a stable and controlled brewing process.

F1 Brewing Machine Advantages

Smart Brewing System

  • The advanced sensor module enables precise control over temperature and pressure
  • Easily control multi-stage temperatures from 35.6˚F to 50˚F
  • Benefit from triple-pressure, all-around protection for simpler brewing

RFID Flash Brewing Technology

  • Utilize the iGulu Intelligent RFID Ingredient Kit for a hassle-free brewing experience
  • Brew with the finest malt, hop, and yeast materials from around the world
  • Straightforward operation and worry-free brewing with just one click

Smart Connectivity App

  • Monitor the brewing process in real time and adjust cooling modes and commonly used data units
  • Unlock infinite brewing possibilites with Master Mode, affording use of custom recipes, ingredients and brewing processes

Rapid Cooling Technology

Powerful Compressor Quickly Transforms Room Temperature to the Perfect Serving Temperature.

In-House Beer Dispenser

Enjoy convenient refrigeration of 5L barrel packaged beers. With Cooling Mode, take advantage of dispensing a variety of refrigerated barrel packaged beers for any occasion.

Simplified Cleaning Process

  • Tritan constructed tank ensures sterility of your brewing beverage
  • Large diameter opening for easy cleaning accessibility
  • Detachable wine nozzle and disposable wine tube

How to use iGulu F1 Home Brewer



Add clean, filtered water to the fermentation tank, while making sure not to exceed the maximum 3.8 liter measurement capacity marking inside the tank.


Add all specified iGulu brew kit ingredients into the fermentation tank. Make sure to follow the instructions provided on the back of the brew kit package.


Gently attach the lid onto the fermentation tank, ensuring a tight seal to prevent leakage.


Insert the fermentation tank into the F1 Brewing Machine, ensuring that it is securely in place. Connect the tube to the tap dispenser. Refer to the user manual for more detailed information.


Choose from the various available brewing options from iGulu to initiate the brewing process. After, conveniently monitor every stage of the brewing process with use of the iGulu App. It's that easy.

Craft your Style to Perfection

Effortlessly produce a wide spectrum of traditional and innovative, contemporary styles with precision customization all while enjoying easy functionality.

Known for its hop-forward, fruity, citrus-like, piney or resinous flavor profile that originated in England, India Pale Ales is now the top selling craft beer style in the US.

West Coast IPA, New England IPA, and Double IPA, each with their own unique flavor characteristics are the most highly sought after styles.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Pilsner beers showcase the true artistry of brewing. It is brewed specifically with Pilsner malt, which lends a delicate sweetness and depth to the flavor profile.

What distinctly sets it apart are subtle herbal and floral notes, perfectly balancing the malt sweetness.

One of the defining characteristics of dark ales is their rich and full-bodied nature. The roasting process of the malts imparts a delightful array of flavors, including notes of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and even hints of toasted nuts.

Most notably renown for this robust style of beer are Amber Ales, Brown Ales, Barley Wines and Irish Red Ales.

Belgian ales offer a cornucopia of styles, each with its own allure and flavor characterstics. From refreshing, delicate Witbiers, with their citrusy notes and smooth wheat base, to the bold, complex Trappist ales, brewed by monastic communities, there is a Belgian ale for every occasion and preference.

Saisons, Dubbels, Tripels, and Quadrupels further showcase the diversity of styles, with their varying levels of strength, spiciness, and malt complexity.

A German-style lager that captivates with its deep, rich flavors and robust character. With its roots tracing back to the 17th century in Munich, Germany, bock beer has become synonymous with a strong, malty profile and a dark amber hue.

Bock beer encompasses various substyles, with Doppelbock (Double Bock) being one of the most renowned. This substyle showcases a stronger, maltier yet complex version of this style.

Originating in Ireland in the 18th century, is known for its deep, ebony color and velvety texture. This robust beer style boasts a variety of subcategories, each with its unique twist on the traditional stout. From classic dry stouts to sweet milk stouts and even imperial stouts, there is a stout to satisfy every taste preference.

Lager beer offers a wide range of styles to cater to every preference. From light and sessionable pale lagers to full-bodied and malty Munich-style lagers, there is a lager for every occasion.

The versatility of lager beer extends beyond its flavor profile. Its clean and well-structured character makes it an ideal companion for a variety of foods.

Lambic beer holds a special place in Belgian brewing traditions. It is typically made with a blend of malted barley and unmalted wheat, giving it a unique grain bill.

Gueuze is one popular style which involves blending young and old lambics to create a balanced, effervescent, and pleasantly sour beer. Another popular variant of lambic is fruit lambic, where fruits like cherries (kriek), raspberries (framboise), or peaches (peche) are added during fermentation.


More Detailed Feature and Specification

Whats the average brewing & cooling time?

On average, it takes 7 days for beer to complete its brewing process. Afterward, The cool down time is at least 4 hours (Due to the fluctuating ambient temperatures, the duration required for cooling may be extended)

Whats included in the package?
  • F1 Machine
  • 5L BPA-free Fermentation Tank
  • Detachable wine nozzle
  • Disposable Wine Tube
  • Silicone Wine Pad
  • CO2 Air Pump
How long can I store the beer in F1 after brewing process is done?
Hows the beer quality compare to a commercial brewery?
Can I use F1 as a cooling beer disposer only?

Yes. Your local market offers a diverse range of 5L barrel brands that are compatible with the F1, allowing you to transform it into the ultimate beer dispenser for cooling whenever you wish.

What kind of drinks can I brew with F1?

over 100 diverse beer styles, plus variety of fermented drinks like Kombucha, Cider, Wine, and more

Why doesn't my F1 package come with a CO2 Gas Cylinder Tank?

Due to the difficulty and associated costs with shipping gas items, we've elected to exclude the C02 tank from the F1 package. The CO2 Gas Cylinder Tank can however be purchased as an optional item.

In the interim, the airpump functionality can effectively dispense your choice beverage.