Fully Customized Processes from Start to Finish


CelebratE the Unique Essence of Breweries and Brands

Customization throughout the brewing process is becoming increasingly popular in the craft beer industry. In order to quickly address the series of challenges that inexperienced brewing enthusiasts or business partners may encounter, such as ensuring the stability of beer quality during transportation and offering a variety of capacity options, full-process customization is available. Everyone has different ideas and styles for their business, and full-process customization can help individuals freely choose according to their preferences and specific circumstances.


Private Label

Based on user requirements and aesthetic features, we can independently design high-quality and visually appealing packaging for your beverages. This includes labels, bottles, and packaging, catering to your diverse needs.

Customized Size and Volume

To better serve customers with various needs, iGulu supports customization in various packaging formats. This includes 330ml bottles, 500ml bottles, 1L bottles, glass bottles, cans, 5L kegs, 20L kegs, and other different packaging options.

Brewing Solutions for Brand and Breweries

At iGulu, we understand that each beer brand or brewery is unique and deserves to have its own distinct identity. That's why we have a deep respect and love for customizing our services to meet their specific needs.

From crafting the perfect formula to designing eye-catching labels, we offer complete customization options. Whether it's small batch or mass production, we ensure that every detail is tailored to enhance the brewery's unique character.

With iGulu, breweries can trust us to bring their vision to life, creating exceptional beers that represent their individuality.

Customized Formula

iGulu Craft Customization offers a plethora of classic style recipes. Drawing from our extensive experience collaborating with various brands, we have developed a collection of renowned formulas. However, if you seek something truly unique, iGulu is also equipped to create exclusive recipes tailored to your specific needs.

Customized Brewing

With years of experience in the beer industry, iGulu has collabration with several large breweries with an annual production capacity ranging from hundreds to thousands of tons. Our engineer team managing the beer production process ensures our client receive craft beers with consistent quality and delicious taste.