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Gratitude and Progress: iGulu Begins Delivery of Home Brewers

As we start delivering iGulu's home brewers, we're grateful for the invaluable feedback from our original backers. Your support and patience over the past seven years have been instrumental in our journey. Thank you for making this possible.

A Personal Delivery of the First Backed F1 Machine

iGulu's founder David recently paid a personal visit to one of our original backers, Adam, in sunny Southern California. In a significant moment for both parties, David hand-delivered the first F1 machine that Adam backed seven years ago. It was an opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude for Adam's unwavering support. This special delivery underscored our commitment to our backers and reaffirmed our mission of revolutionizing home brewing.

Thank you, Adam, for being an integral part of our journey.

Personal Visit to SoCal Backer

David made his way to sunny Southern California to meet Steve, one of our original backers. With a sense of pride and gratitude, David personally hand-delivered the first F1 machine that Steve had backed seven years ago. This memorable visit was not just about delivering a product, but also about acknowledging Steve's crucial role in our journey. His support has been instrumental in shaping what iGulu is today. So here's to you, Steve - thank you for believing in us and our vision!

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