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MAGELLAN: Where The Company Started

MAGELLAN: Where The Company Started

The iGulu team's unwavering passion for beer fuels our continuous exploration and enjoyment of the brewing process. Confronted with the complexities of traditional small-scale homebrewing equipment and medium-sized commercial brewing setups, we were inspired to embark on a journey to make brewing more accessible. Our dream is to simplify and professionalize the brewing experience for all enthusiasts and brewers, allowing technology to enhance the art of brewing and enrich lives.

With a foundation of robust hardware, software, and expert research and development capabilities in brewing, iGulu initiated its foray into commercial product development in 2017. Following five years of rigorous market testing and continuous technological improvements, we garnered successful market recognition in Asia. In 2023, iGulu is set to make its official debut in the North American market, bringing ultra-exciting, fully intelligent small-scale commercial brewing equipment to even more homebrewing enthusiasts and brewers.

In the Magellan series, which comprises comprehensive brewing, fermentation, cleaning, and cooling units, the brewing process becomes almost entirely automated. Besides inputting raw materials and basic maintenance tasks like cleaning the mash pot walls and connecting wort transfer lines, these units handle the entire process autonomously. Every beer lover can now choose the brewing style that suits them best. For seasoned brewers, the expert mode offers a customizable technological process, while novices can become proficient "brewers" with straightforward training or online courses.

Upon first glance, one can immediately discern the substantial difference between iGulu's products and traditional equipment. iGulu builds upon tradition by integrating essential components for automation control, including but not limited to detection sensors, program control panels, human-computer interaction tablets, and BrewOS, a comprehensive core system that powers the future of digital brewing intelligence. Just as technology has revolutionized our lives, from basic cell phones to smartphones and from non-renewable energy sources to electric vehicles, the brewing industry is also poised for remarkable advancements. Let iGulu be your guide, as we accompany you on the journey from craft brewing to the exciting realm of intelligent brewing!

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