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  • Craft Your Own Beer and Experience the Fun of Home Brewing

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    Home Brewing Simplified

    Introducing iGulu's all-natural Brew Kits, crafted from meticulously selected flash brew ingredients from around the world. Enjoy a plethora of flavors and styles with the simple functionality of an All-in-one Home Brewing System.

    Pale Ale represents the craftsmanship of brewing traditions and is cherished by beer lovers worldwide.

    Known for its light color and hop-forward flavor profile, is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts.

    Pale Ale Brew Kit

    Bavarian Wheat, also known as Weissbier or Hefeweizen, is loved for its refreshing, fruity taste. With a hazy, golden appearance and a creamy texture, This beer embodies the essence of Bavarian brewing traditions.

    Bavarian Brew Kit

    Amber Lager, loved for its aromas of bread, honey, and grains, is cherished by beer enthusiasts. It presents an amber-colored appearance with a slight haze, offering a full-bodied texture that provides a rich mouthfeel.

    Amber Lager Brew Kit

    Stout is known for its unique blend of ingredients and brewing techniques, resulting in a distinct taste profile. Stout beers often exhibit a balance between malty sweetness and hop bitterness, with hints of citrus or tropical fruit flavors.

    Stout Beer Brew Kit (Coming Soon)


    We're dedicated to enhancing your home brewing experience and bringing the quality of professional brewing to your kitchen counter.


    Turning a Dream to Reality

    Without our supporters and crowd-funding backers, none of this could have been possible, and to that, we say - THANK YOU!


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